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18 June 2009 @ 04:39 am
it's been a while..  

hello lj. it's been a while hasn't it?
first real post in this journal since a made it about a year ago.. wow! and waaaay over a year since i wrote in my old lj ([info]himitsu922). time sure has flown by. i just finished my first year of college and am now enjoying four blissful months of summer. :] i won't bore you with a recap of my first year of college.. maybe in another post? if i feel up to it.. lol. i'm gonna try to keep this lj up from now on, but i feel i'm gonna end up just writing in here during my summers and other breaks. hahah. oh well.. we'll see! :] and i just realized that my f-list is empty.. i haven't added my old lj friends yet, i'm scared.what if they don't remember me? ahh.. the fear of rejection.. *shudders* :[  so i'm pretty much just talking to you, ten. if you even log-on anymore. lol

ooh btw.. like the banner? mukai osamu. pwroar. he's my new husband. ;] atadan is total love! long live chisho!!

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